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September 30, 2008

Happy and Blessed Eid

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تقبل الله الطاعات

May Allah accept the good deeds


September 28, 2008

Sunday School Lesson Plan 2: Good Bye Ramadan

This is part of the Sunday School Teaching and Learning series

Date: 09/28/2008, 28/Ramdan/1429

Class Topic/Title: Good Bye Ramadan

Goal: Emphasize that Ramadan is almost over but not over yet. Encourage students to continue the efforts after Ramadan. Very cheerful Eid image.


– Show that Ramadan is almost over
– Ramadan is not over yet (1 or 2 more nights)… could be lailat al qadr
– Life after Ramadan: life is like Ramadan
– Eid is coming (concept of Eid for Muslims) and etiquettes of Eid. Cheerful Eid image.

Expected results:

– Each student knows that Ramadan is not over yet
– Each student misses Ramadan appropriately
– Each student contemplates life after Ramadan

– Each student knows how to behave for Eid. Be very cheerful and happy for eid.
– Ramadan vs. life

Class planning:

Style: Write the number 2 on the board with no comment

2 minutes Introduction and check up on students + attendance

5 minutes: last week’s revision, check on students (how they are doing, thoughts, etc) and homework wrap up (distribute new papers)

5 minutes: Ramadan News:

  • Spain knows all about Ramadan
  • New York knows all about Islam
  • Chicago knows all about Islam
  • Does the people close to you know about Ramadan? (more…)

Image of The Week: Equal Before Their Lord



They are all saying together:”Praise be to our Lord the great”. There is no white, no black, no rich, no poor, no young, no old.. just humans bowing before their lord.

Original link here

September 25, 2008

Chicago Bus Ads

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Chicago Bus Islam Ad.

Chicago Bus Islam Ad.

I received the following via e-mail: Please take the time to read.

Be Part of this Historic Dawah Campaign!

Each bus will be covered on their side and on the top panel with beautiful message of Islam, insha Allah. A toll free number, 800-662-ISLAM, will be posted, along with website and email, for interested viewers to call and obtain more information.
As the bus roams around the city of Chicago, making frequent stops, it will be proclaiming the message of Oneness of Allah, and inviting humanity to study the true faith of all the Prophets of Allah (peace be upon them).

Sponsor a Bus! (more…)

September 22, 2008

Ramadan- Second Look


Ramadan- First Look

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I have received this presentation via e-mail. The sender commented:

“This presentation was given by Shell , the British Giant Oil Company, to their non-Muslim employees to understand the fasting month of Ramadan.

I am impressed by their effort, as it exemplifies how a world class oil company addresses cultural issues by spreading simple, yet clear facts to its non Muslim employees working in Islamic countries.

I thought that you may find it interesting, and perhaps you may wish to pass it on to anyone who might find it useful.”

September 21, 2008

Sunday School Lesson Plan 1: The Last 10

This is part of the Sunday School Teaching and Learning series

Date: 09/21/2008, 21/Ramdan/1429

Class Topic/Title: The Last 10

Goal: Develop and awaken awareness and appreciation for the last 10 nights of Ramadan (and lailat al qadr)


– Introduction to the benefits of the last 10 nights with proof
– How those benefits relate and affect you?
– Simple actions to do that can help you get those benefits
– What not to do.

Expected results:

– Each student would know that the last 10 nights have arrived (including lailat al qadr)
– Each student knows that those nights are special
– Each student tries to do simple actions in those nights
– Awaken sense of responsibility for the Muslims
– Feel that Ramadan is leaving

Class planning:

Style: Write the number 9 on the board with no comment

2 minutes Introduction and check up on students + attendance

5 minutes: last week’s revision and homework wrap up (distribute new papers) (more…)

Sunday School Lesson Plans

Since Sunday school has started at our Islamic center and in an effort to improve my teaching and preparation skills, I decided to type and post my Islamic Studies lesson plans to help me prepare and evaluate myself more objectively. To give the reader some feedback, my students are aged between 12-15 years of both genders and different backgrounds.

September 14, 2008

Listen UP…

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September 12, 2008

You Deserve to Know

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