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November 13, 2008

Images of Kaaba, Mekka 2

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I came across some great old pictures of the holy site of Kaaba in Mecca; everybody who have visited the site aspire to return to it later. Tranquility and peace of mind reside there.


October 23, 2008

Image of The Week: Hearts Gathering

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Allah says in the Quran (meaning): “And (as for the believers) hath attuned their hearts. If thou hadst spent all that is in the earth thou couldst not have attuned their hearts, but Allah hath attuned them. Lo! He is Mighty, Wise. (8:63)”

If you had to spend all of what’s on this planet to get this gathering in this time in this location in this uniform, you want be able to.. no body would.. and no body has been able to…

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September 30, 2008

Happy and Blessed Eid

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تقبل الله الطاعات

May Allah accept the good deeds

September 28, 2008

Image of The Week: Equal Before Their Lord



They are all saying together:”Praise be to our Lord the great”. There is no white, no black, no rich, no poor, no young, no old.. just humans bowing before their lord.

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January 30, 2008


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