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August 16, 2011

‎42 Pictures To Communicate The Beauty of Ramadan

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October 15, 2009

Islamic Flash

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An interactive flash-based user-friendly presentation covering the basic general information about Islam. Topics include: Goals of Islam, pillars of Islam, Muhammad, Jesus, Allah (God), and the Miraculous Quran. Hear wonderful spiritual audio while browsing through the wonderful soothing interface.

Very appropriate for new Muslims or non-Muslims who are interested in learning the basics of this faith. This is a free software and may be distributed freely, so please distribute with daawa intentions.


December 2, 2008

Fresh Blood From an Old Wound

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I came across the following article from the NY Times and here are some snippets which support my claim that the crimes of Mumbai bombings are a product of oppression and politics. The article is from the NY Times (

“MIDWAY through last week’s murderous rampage in Mumbai, one of the suspected gunmen at the besieged Jewish center called a popular Indian TV channel. Speaking in Urdu (the primary language of Pakistan and many Indian Muslims), he ranted against the recent visit of an Israeli general to the Indian-ruled section of the Kashmir Valley. Referring to the Pakistan-backed insurgency in the valley, and the Indian military response to it, he asked, “Are you aware how many people have been killed in Kashmir?””

“In a separate phone call, another gunman invoked the oppression of Muslims by Hindu nationalists and the destruction of the Babri Mosque in Ayodhya in 1992.”

“The idea that the road to stability in South Asia goes through Kashmir is as persuasive as the notion that the path to peace in the Middle East goes through Jerusalem.”

All of the actions were done for RETALIATION not for Islam. Oppression breeds such behavior in any place in any time. I am by no means trying to justify this terrible crime; I am just try to analyze it.

October 23, 2008

Image of The Week: Hearts Gathering

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Allah says in the Quran (meaning): “And (as for the believers) hath attuned their hearts. If thou hadst spent all that is in the earth thou couldst not have attuned their hearts, but Allah hath attuned them. Lo! He is Mighty, Wise. (8:63)”

If you had to spend all of what’s on this planet to get this gathering in this time in this location in this uniform, you want be able to.. no body would.. and no body has been able to…

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