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September 28, 2008

Sunday School Lesson Plan 2: Good Bye Ramadan

This is part of the Sunday School Teaching and Learning series

Date: 09/28/2008, 28/Ramdan/1429

Class Topic/Title: Good Bye Ramadan

Goal: Emphasize that Ramadan is almost over but not over yet. Encourage students to continue the efforts after Ramadan. Very cheerful Eid image.


– Show that Ramadan is almost over
– Ramadan is not over yet (1 or 2 more nights)… could be lailat al qadr
– Life after Ramadan: life is like Ramadan
– Eid is coming (concept of Eid for Muslims) and etiquettes of Eid. Cheerful Eid image.

Expected results:

– Each student knows that Ramadan is not over yet
– Each student misses Ramadan appropriately
– Each student contemplates life after Ramadan

– Each student knows how to behave for Eid. Be very cheerful and happy for eid.
– Ramadan vs. life

Class planning:

Style: Write the number 2 on the board with no comment

2 minutes Introduction and check up on students + attendance

5 minutes: last week’s revision, check on students (how they are doing, thoughts, etc) and homework wrap up (distribute new papers)

5 minutes: Ramadan News:

  • Spain knows all about Ramadan
  • New York knows all about Islam
  • Chicago knows all about Islam
  • Does the people close to you know about Ramadan?

10 minutes: Ramadan is not over yet!!

  • What date is it in Ramadan?
  • 2 more nights: one of them could be lailat al Qadr

10 minutes – Ramadan is almost over

  • sahaba used to make duaa for six months that Allah would accept
  • Masjid was full (masjid will miss you)
  • Ramadan is leaving with your register of good deeds (and bad)
  • Good Bye Ramadan; we hope to see you next year
  • analogy 1: Ramadan vs. a loved one
  • analogy 2: Ramadan vs. life
  • contemplate analogy for 30 seconds

5 minutes – Life after Ramadan

  • Continue the good deeds (maintain)
  • Shaitaan will be waiting for you!

5 minutes – Class activity and homework

  • develop a schedule for the class to follow after Ramadan

20 minutes – Eid:

  • Eid (festival) comes after a month of worship
  • When the prophet came to Madina, they had two days; the two eids replaced them
  • On the 29th of Ramadan, people will be watching the hilal of the month of Shawwal
  • On Eid day:
    • Wake up early for fajer
    • take a shower
    • wear nice clothes
    • eat before you go to Eid prayer
    • say ‘takbeer’ on your way to the masjid (until Imam ascends the menbar)
    • be happy and cheerful
    • give zakaat al fitr (before eid prayer) (make the poor and needy happy)
    • Muslims celebrate the joyful occasion
    • What do you usually do on Eid?

5 minutes: Focus – How to perform eid prayer?

Happy Eid (leave 5 minutes early)


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