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October 23, 2008

Image of The Week: Hearts Gathering

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Allah says in the Quran (meaning): “And (as for the believers) hath attuned their hearts. If thou hadst spent all that is in the earth thou couldst not have attuned their hearts, but Allah hath attuned them. Lo! He is Mighty, Wise. (8:63)”

If you had to spend all of what’s on this planet to get this gathering in this time in this location in this uniform, you want be able to.. no body would.. and no body has been able to…

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October 19, 2008

Sunday School Lesson Plan 4: Know your God

This is part of the Sunday School Teaching and Learning series

Date: 10/19/2008, 20/Shawwal/1429

– develop understaning of Allah’s names
– develop understanding of Allah’s names: most merciful (rahman raheem)
– develop understanding of Allah’s names: most near and loving (wadud)
– develop understanding of Allah’s names: most generous (kareem)
– develop understanding of Allah’s names: provider (razzaq)

– show that Allah has identified himself to us
– there is nothing like Allah
– relate these attributes to our lives and to the real world

Expected results:
– know 5 names of Allah and feel them in their lives
– be able to identify with Allah through his attrbites

October 13, 2008

Although I Vanish..

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Full text and translation can be seen here: MuslimMatters

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October 6, 2008

The Rival to the Bible

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Roger Bolton  from the BBC News Magazine on the BBC website writes this article. Here is an excerpt:

For those who believe the Bible is the inerrant, unaltered word of God, there will be some very uncomfortable questions to answer. It shows there have been thousands of alterations to today’s bible.

The Codex, probably the oldest Bible we have, also has books which are missing from the Authorised Version that most Christians are familiar with today – and it does not have crucial verses relating to the Resurrection.

“When people ask me if the Bible is the word of God I answer ‘which Bible?'”


Ebook: The Sealed Nectar

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A complete authoritative book on the life of Prophet Muhammad (S) by Sheikh Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri. It was honored by the World Muslim League as first prize winner book. Whoever wants to know the whole life style of the Prophet in detail must read this book. Download the e-book here.

October 2, 2008

Islamic Analysis Audio Books

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I came across a good resource of audio books in the category of Islamic analysis from Harun Yahya website. You can find the link here

Warning: Audio Books contain Music.

Example: Deep Thinking

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