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November 5, 2007

The Quran: Miracle?

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Just something to contemplate, if Quran is the miracle of Islam, then we need to take the time to examine such a book. Quran miraculousness is in its eloquence. It is by no means a science book, however, it does not contradict with science.


November 1, 2007

Who Wrote the Bible? Historical Background.

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The 4 gospels were written by 4 different men. Who were these men? when did they write the new testament? is it a word of God? (I have heard so many say that the bible is a word of God because it says that it is a word of God… this is a logic of the illogical indeed)

Please understand my questions as a search for historical knowledge and not as an attack on any other religions book. I found some answers in this very interesting documentary. Corrections and/or comments are encouraged.

If you do have the time, it is worthwhile watching the whole series.

The Life of Ahmed Deedat

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This is a video showing the life story of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat. A great man whose accomplishments are engraved in the recent history and his debates are landmarks for anyone interested in comparative religion, Islam and/or Christianity. One feels humbled by the greatness of this self-educated man. A man in a generation of not many real men. Just a living proof that well and dedication is the right hand of any successful person.

I ask Allah by his greatness to have mercy on him.

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