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September 11, 2010

Divine Speech

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This is a fantastic lecture. It stresses on the point that the Quran is in itself a miraculous book in its linguistic structure. Although Quran does not contradict with science, it’s not a science book. It analyzes the element of speech and evaluates each element against the perception of the Quran from both Muslims and non-Muslims. You can find the second part on youtube.


March 17, 2009

Quran Connections

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I am quoting the sender:

I don’t know much about the guy, nor I saw the whole movie, but the idea sounds real good. Please comment if you know more.

November 13, 2008

Do not the unbelievers see…

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Allah says in the Quran (the meaning of which is): {Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?}* (Al-Anbiyaa’ 21:30)

November 6, 2008

The Muslim Jesus

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Who is Jesus in Islam?

You can listen to the Chapter of Mary (mother of Jesus) from th Quran (with translation):

Here are some main points: (more…)

November 1, 2008

Islamic Economics

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Amongst this economic crises, a lot of experts are indiretcly highlighting the economic system in Islam. I really would like to discuss this topic more throroughly, unfortunately, I am not an economist and I know very little about it. As I am interested in the topic of ‘Islamic Discussions’, I will focus on a different aspect. In a previous post, I have mentioned that the economic system of Islam is one of the proofs that it is the religion of truth. How can a man 1400 hundred years ago set up the fundamentals for such an economy!

If there is a benefit to this economic crises, it is that it forced people to focus on alternatives and what has succeeded and what has not.

The Sydney Morning Herlad writes:

A thriving financial sector sounds like an oxymoron these days. Even Australia’s banks – among the most profitable in the world – kept a fifth of this week’s interest rate cut to cushion their margins. But there is one sector that has tongues wagging in the hubs of commerce: Islamic finance.

Washington Post writes:

The mortgage industry may be in meltdown, but at least one class of lender appears to be flourishing: Islamic finance companies that offer Muslim home buyers alternative arrangements such as lease-to-own deals so they can avoid making the sort of interest payments that many believe their religion forbids.

Officials at Guidance Residential, a Reston company that has financed more than 5,000 home purchases since it began in 2002, said the company is having its best year yet, with business up 7 percent in the first quarter of 2008 from the first quarter of 2007.

The solution is here

September 14, 2008

Listen UP…

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December 23, 2007

Islamic Lectures – Islamic CD Mix 1

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I am compiling an Islamic CD which consists of short lectures. Random thoughts and speakers. The aim is distribute it for both Muslims and non Muslims.

1 Quran Chapter of Fatiha
Abdallah Basfar 00:50
2 Convert OR Die Ahmed Deedat 05:15
3 How Islam is different from Other Religions? Zakir Naik 09:13
4 Addressing an Atheist Zakir Naik 11:45
5 Quran- Chaper of Ikhlas
Abdallah Basfar 00:39
6 Women Oppressed in Islam? Khalid Yasin 05:44

Any feedback or suggested lectures are very welcome.

November 5, 2007

The Quran: Miracle?

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Just something to contemplate, if Quran is the miracle of Islam, then we need to take the time to examine such a book. Quran miraculousness is in its eloquence. It is by no means a science book, however, it does not contradict with science.

September 29, 2007

A New Muslim

A story of a Christian Arab woman who turned to Islam (English) (Arabic)

Here is something to contemplate in regards to the holy Quran being preserved:

If one day we lost all the holy books in the world .. and we asked people to re-write their exact books. There is no body who can rewrite the exact book of the Bible because there are too many versions, and they are still discovering new different scripts till now .. But I can find you more than a million Muslims who rewrite an identical Moshaf which contains the Quran which is preserved till the end of time .. Isn’t that amazing!!

Doesn’t that testify to something as Allah said:

Please visit her website; plenty of interesting information. I think I will be posting from it more inshallah (God willing).

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