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October 17, 2009

Teaching Arabic ALphabets

A new style of teaching Arabic. It uses mnemonics to help the students remember the alphabets. While it’s different than the traditional way of teaching Arabic letters, it’s a noteworthy alternative especially for older students and new Muslims learning Arabic alphabets. You can buy the DVD from the link of their page.

He is Sheikh Yusuf Estes.


October 15, 2009

Islamic Flash

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An interactive flash-based user-friendly presentation covering the basic general information about Islam. Topics include: Goals of Islam, pillars of Islam, Muhammad, Jesus, Allah (God), and the Miraculous Quran. Hear wonderful spiritual audio while browsing through the wonderful soothing interface.

Very appropriate for new Muslims or non-Muslims who are interested in learning the basics of this faith. This is a free software and may be distributed freely, so please distribute with daawa intentions.


October 13, 2009

Nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide is Muslim, So?

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According to CNN:

Nearly one in four people worldwide is Muslim — and they are not necessarily where you might think, according to an extensive new study that aims to map the global Muslim population.

India, a majority-Hindu country, has more Muslims than any country except for Indonesia and Pakistan, and more than twice as many as Egypt.

China has more Muslims than Syria.

Germany has more Muslims than Lebanon.

And Russia has more Muslims than Jordan and Libya put together.

That will definitely change the sterotype. My only comment on the above report is that strength is not in numbers. Strength is in the mind, good manners and way of conveying a message as prophet Muhammad peace be upon him changed the world in a mere 23 years. We need as Muslims to get together and be helpful, mindful and productive members of society. This happens through oragnazation which starts with oneself, then one’s family and one’s masjid and so on. Be on a correct path and keep pounding that rock (rock of self defeat, ignorance and disbelief)..

October 10, 2009

Rewarding Altruism

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On rewarding altruism,

Children who had previously received rewards helped the experimenter significantly less often than either the group that received only praise or the group that received no praise.

As a Muslim parent and a Sunday school teacher, I think that we might need to examine our incentives. The study didn’t look at providing regular incentives but rather one time incentives. What is nice is that our faith has built in true incentives: rewards from Allah for good deeds. So we might need to provide good words and remind them of their true existing incentives.

October 9, 2009

Giving Khutbah 1

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Today our Imam was traveling and not available at Jumaa. The second option in the succession to give Jumaa was also absent. So was the third person. The khateeb who was supposed to give Jumaa today was running late and people were looking around to who would give the Jumaa sermon. Some eyes landed on me. I would probably be there when your first, second, third, fourth fifth and sixth options are not available. However, the thought of standing there and giving Jumaa khutbah was frightening enough. What would I say? If nobody shows up, then I probably have to stand up and say something…

Thoughts started wrestling in my head. I have led Salah before but never Khutbah. I started thinking of a book I was browsing yesterday and to some posts I posted on this blog herehere and here. Maybe take a verse from the Quran and discuss it. I would probably start with sharing my love for my Muslim brothers (not many times do I get a chance to tell my Muslim brothers that I love them). I would probably expose my fear and racing heart (I have heard that this would connect the speaker with the audience and subside the speaker’s fears). How can I stand at the same position as prophet Muhammad peace be upon him?

Alhamdolellah… the khateeb showed up and gave the Jumaa khutbah. I could tell that the khateeb himself was slightly fearful at the start. This situation led me to think that I would like to write a khutbah. Not for giving it but for preparing it; preparing a khutbah would give you a great perpective into yourself and into your own hierarchy of the Muslims’ priorities.

I am working on it and will probably be posted here sometime soon insha’ Allah.

Jesus in Christianity

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October 4, 2009

Islamophobia in Perspective: The Curious Case of Fathima Rifqa Bary

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The case of Fathima Rifqa Bary is interesting to say the least. The 17-year old, who arrived with her family from Sri Lanka less than a decade ago, ran away from home in Ohio to Florida, allegedly because she was afraid of being killed by her father after her decision to leave Islam for Christianity. Fathima, a cheerleader in her high-school, took a bus to Florida right after a fight with her mother. Conveniently the ticket was already purchased for her and paid for by a Blake Lorenz, a Florida pastor (and wife Beverly Lorenzo), who Fathima met on Facebook, and who was quoted as saying, “Christians are at war with Islam and that Islam is evil”.

Question: How can a minor have her inter-state travel arranged without her parents’ consent and with the aid of a total stranger, who might have as well been a pedophile? Isn’t this illegal? If Blake Lorenz was such a Good Samaritan, and was so concerned about Fathima’s life, why did he not just do the “normal” thing and contact the local authorities in Ohio (CPS and/or police)?  Blake’s intervention, especially based on his views about Islam and Muslims, can easily be seen as carrying an agenda beyond the “kind pastor” shtick. (more…)

October 1, 2009

Dr. Jerald Dirks and Islam

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Part 1:

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