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March 10, 2007

Marriage in Islam… The 20 Questions to Give You Marriage Directions

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Right now, I am only functioning at about 50% of my brain capacity. The other 50% is occupied. Mostly with women; it’s not ‘a’ woman but women in general as a concept. I have been looking around the net for some objective analysis of premarital questions for Muslims but I did not find eye opening references so I decided to put my own humble listing.

As Muslims (and we thank Allah for guiding us), dating and pre-marital relationships are not permitted. So the background and compatibility checks will be done at various levels. But before going into the levels, the criteria and questions, success is from Allah; we take the means and then we depend on Allah all praise due to him. Also, supplication is your best friend at all times and look specifically for the times when supplication is answered (last third of a night).

Level 0 is the background check. This is done by asking about the candidate in school, university, neighborhood, etc. The goal here is to marry someone who is truly pure, has morals and has no (haram) un-permitted or suspicious history of relationships. Is she a good respectable woman? etc; ask about her and her family.

Next is level 1, you have to check the compatibility of a candidate which is done through your family; get your mother and sister to visit her and see what she’s like. After doing much research and reading what our prophet peace be upon him said and the scholars explained about marriage, I summarized the aspects to consider in this list:

1. Deen (way of life according to Islam): make sure that you wife would have deen. Deen that is genuine accompanied with fear of Allah and not the kind that is only transmitted to her by others (the osmosis effect). As a friend of mine put it, look for a fertile land not a land with trees. A good sign is if she wakes up for fajer everyday. A friend of mine told me of a story of a man who made the father swear on the Quran that his daughter indeed wakes up for fajer (a woman can do that too).

2. Good Roots: make sure that your wife is from a good family (in arabic: bent asool). By a good family, I mean that she comes from a family which is known by people who know them by goodness. They are good hearted and responsible; they have honor, values ,good personalities and purity. Order in the family is important in that the mother respects the father and vice versa and the kids respect their parents.

3. Make sure that your wife to be is ‘Wadoud’ which means kind, good hearted, feminine with a big heart. The one who if she hugged a crying baby, the baby would stop crying and fall asleep. Also check the ‘Walud’ part by looking at the family both: extended and nuclear.

4. Make sure that your wife to be has ‘haya” which means shyness (in a good sense). The kind that would turn her cheecks red the first time you talk to her and see her (I really shouldn’t be writing about this before I go to bed!!).

5. Beauty which is in the eye of the beholder.

The reason that I write this is that I am planning to get married this summer inshallah and with that comes a huge decision which will stick with me for a long long time. Level 2 of compatibility checking is through direct questions. Some of these questions are meant to provide an insight to the candidate as a human being; the personslaity and such. These questions could be also asked to your wife if you’re married too. I am sure many of us (men and women) would rather ask the candidate to fill out an application or ask them: why should I choose you? or what can you do for me? These questions are not practical and would usually get an opposite reaction to what one is expecting. So here we go,

Questions to ask your wife to be or your husband to be:

1. What do you want in your husband?
2. What do you not want in your husband?
3. If I had to ask your friends to describe you in one word, what would that be? (ask her to ask them)
4. Do you wake up to pray Fajer on time?
5. What is the relationship between you and your family?
6. Have you had any previous relations? (better not asked directly)
7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Any goals you like to accomplish?
8. What is the thing you like most about yourself?
9. What is the thing that you do not like about yourself?
10. Do you like to read Quran? or Islamic Sciences?
11. Do you like to read in general?
11. Are you doing good in your academic studies? what’s your grades or GPA?
12. Do you like what you study or did you want to study something else?
13. How do you spend your day in detail?
14. How much do you spend watching TV? What is your opinion on TV?
15. Do you perform the Sunan?
16. Do you have the intention to wear Jilbab?
17. Throw a problem and ask for a solution? a situation and so on.
18. Send an article and ask for her opinion.
19. If you were doing something and you discovered that it was against the Sunna, would you change?
20. if you had some extra time to do what you want, what would you do? Do you like doing voluntary work?
21. What is the role of deen in your life? What priority does it take?
22. What are the roles of a husband and a wife? Does the wife have to obey the husband?

Another technique is to form the answer the question and ask her to comment on your answer. For example, you can say that you believe that the husband and the wife should know their roles in the relationship and that you think that the wife should obey the husband in what is permitted by Islam; you can then ask if she agrees with you. This could be done with other questions too. Also you have to answer you questions so that your wife-to-be would know your ideas and way of thinking.

In one of the lectures (for Sheikh Mohammed Yakoub), he said that in the first visit, one must be very observational; for example: how did she come in? how did she introduce herself? how she reacts to her family making comments? how she reacts to her little brother crying? what was served and how was it served? After all, she will be the mother of your children (or he’ll be the father of your children). One more point to emphasize on is to ask and examine the mother too because usually daughters will get most of their values and behavior from their mothers. Look at how the mother treats the father and so on. As a man, I am writing this from a man’s perspective.

For anyone who would like to be smart and tell me that I said there will be 20 questions and that I have included 22 questions, I say: in arabic a fraction can be omitted (How many Hadeeths are there in the 40 Hadeeths for Imam Nawawei?).

May Allah give us all good families and good offspring who practice Islam and make supplication for us and that we all die as Muslims inshallah. Please include comments and suggestions. I hope this helps.



  1. Look mr.Zaid the comments and your aspects are not so clear,ma bte2dar et3amemha to all people specially when you ask for the GPA

    Comment by Anas Tuffaha — March 16, 2007 @ 1:26 pm | Reply

  2. As-salaamu Alaikum Brother Zaid,

    Well done with the site. The article was good.I agree with you on most of the things. In regards to the questions…those were good to but you give me the impression that you are looking for a perfect woman here. By questions before marriage were similar. This is good but the truth of the matter is that sometimes women may fall short in a few areas. It will require you to make sound judgment of her strengths and weaknesses and how you will play apart in strengthening wherever you found her lacking from the questions you asked her. For example, you may find out that she doesn’t watch tv but doesn’t read as much quran due to her studying so much. At this point I would ask myself how I can play a role in making the wanted change. I would love to share more thoughts but due to lack of time I will make this brief.

    May Allah give you the kind of wife you seek and may He bless you with the best in this life and in the hereafter.

    Comment by salim — March 19, 2007 @ 12:13 pm | Reply

  3. Ahleen Mr. Anas. I am so so happy to see your comment.

    Well, it’s true enno ma bakdar a3ammem bas hai al as2eleh zai el guideline. Ya3nee fee as2eleh momken tkoon mofeedeh akthar men ‘3eerha: mathalan lamma tes2al 3an al GPA (aw mo3addel al tawjeehee) bete3raf eza al bent mohtammeh bederasetha aw shatra bel madraseh la enno al wa7ad beddo awladoh yekono jayyedein. Fa kol so2al elo hadaf.

    al saraha ana men al as2eleh hadafee ennei a3ref afkar al bent o mostawaha fa kol wa7ad zai al sandooq wel as2eleh heyyeh al mofta7.

    o hadool al as2eleh la kol jawaneb al 7ayah, men al deen lal a’7laq lal d’aka2 lal sha’7seyyeh. o eza 3endak as2eleh tanieh bet7eb etzeedha fa oktobha.

    Comment by admin — March 19, 2007 @ 1:58 pm | Reply

  4. wa alaikom al salaam brother Salim,

    You might notice that I have only included the questions and not the answers; in other words, it’s your responsibility to grade those answers according to your set of priorities.

    However, I think that I should add to the article that each person should have some negotiable criteria and some non-negotiable criteria and those two should be clear. So as I may accept that she listens to some Music but I may not accept that she is stubborn or high-tempered.

    I think the aim of such questions is to see the personality as each person is like a box and questions are the key.

    Comment by admin — March 19, 2007 @ 2:05 pm | Reply

  5. good job zaid…..

    for the future…. keep your blogs short so that we finish it before we get bored 🙂

    just kidding… with marriage posts, write as much as you want…. kulluna athan sagheya (we’re all ears)

    Comment by muneeb arrabi — March 23, 2007 @ 12:20 am | Reply

  6. Thank you Mr. Arrabi for the insight. Actually, I am planning to keep them short or dividing the posts into parts for easier read.

    Comment by ztuffaha — March 23, 2007 @ 9:59 am | Reply

  7. Very interesting article. A bit on the long side i would say. Congrats on getting married this summar.

    Comment by Rashid T — April 12, 2007 @ 9:47 am | Reply

  8. Assalam allaikum brother, I am gonna get married on 8th may. I have no idea about how do i start…and in which manner, i hope you understand what I mean.
    this 20 questions are in general and worth reading them still.. I will be thankful if you guide me with what to do and what not to…

    Comment by Irfan — March 27, 2008 @ 11:59 pm | Reply

  9. assalammualaikum,

    your post here was automatically generated at my blog. i was interested by the title so decided to give it a read.

    and im happy to say your article was very well-written. as a muslimah, i do believe that questions like this have to be asked to both parties.(like you mentioned)

    it is a privilege for muslims to look for their future wife and the muslimahs to choose the best for them.
    i like the aspects that you chose. you explained it rather clearly yet subtle. yes, a man should not only think for himself but also think his wife as his children’s mother and his parents’ daughter inlaw.
    oh just thinking of it give me goosebumps as im still far away to reach that stage.

    may you have a blessful marriage with your insya Allah solehah wife. 🙂

    Comment by Azie — November 20, 2008 @ 9:42 am | Reply

    • assalam allaikum
      it is confusing sometime when you want to search for your wife.please connect me with muslim girls and women who are actually God fearing and want to settle address or website will be highly appreciated.want to get really want to get marry but to the right person because I don’t want to get marry and talk about divorse

      Comment by Mohammed K.Sheriff — January 25, 2010 @ 11:44 am | Reply

  10. hi Mr. Zaid, this is a good article to read. it gives me more knowledge about Islam. you see, I am a Christian and I am not an Islam girl but I am fallen in love with an Islam guy. I have been researching about Islam because I am interested to know more about their beliefs, especially about marriage. You see, I really like this guy and I think he likes me too. Sometimes we talk about marriage and sometimes he told to me that it would be a problem because I am not an Islam. But I told him that it is okay with me to convert myself to Islam. Hope you will enlighten me to know more about Islam. I know this is so hard on part but I am willing to do it whatever it takes.

    Comment by Christine — December 10, 2008 @ 12:45 am | Reply

    • Welcome Christine,

      That’s actually the goal of this blog. Let me know if there’s anything specific.


      Comment by WhyIslam — May 11, 2009 @ 8:42 am | Reply

  11. Salaam Alaikum

    Dear Sir,

    My question is after engagement I want to postpone the marriage for two and a half years or three years as iam not in a financially fit position to marry and i was not knowing about the date my family members which they were going to give after the engagement us they had not discussed with me about it only thing they told me about is you just select the girl is she ok for you or not i said yes so they put a ring and they confirmed it as a engagement now after that i examined my current situation on the that night later next i told my family members are threatning me to get marry the same girl withing two months if not i have to face the police station and court matters from the girl side as they would make the case of dowry so can i postpone like this and they have the wrong assumption that as i have told the girl is not fair so iam denying for the marriage hence kindly help me in this case and give me a reply according to the indian law and muslim shariah.

    Thanking you

    Mohammed Thousif Nazeer

    Comment by mohammed thousif nazeer — May 10, 2009 @ 11:01 am | Reply

    • Wa alaikom assalaam brother Mohammed,

      May Allah provide you with the best. I think you are better off asking a more qualified person like the Imam at your Masjid or a Sheikh that you trust.

      Comment by WhyIslam — May 11, 2009 @ 8:41 am | Reply

      • salaam alaikum

        shukriya for the reply it is really a good advice i asked my masjid’s imam he gave me a good salaah

        Thanking you

        yours mohammed

        Comment by mohammed thousif nazeer — May 17, 2009 @ 9:02 pm

  12. Mashallah Brother Zaid really enlightning topic that you have published online.
    Alhamdulliah a very good inshight about how to understand one’s better half and ensure that life goes on smoothly there-on.

    Jazakallah Khair

    May God Bless You.

    Comment by Abdul Razzak — May 17, 2009 @ 4:10 am | Reply

  13. salaam alaikum

    my name is salim basha frm india, i like 1 girl , she is hindu, even she also like me, we both love each other frm past 4 yrs, even she ready to convert into muslim, but as per rashi(kundle) she is mangalik, her family pandit told tt if she marry any guy, within 6 month he die, if not die then she die,.. so i confuse wht to do, our parent know abt us, but my parent dont know abt die and all… i m really confuse.. can u suggest me

    Comment by SALIM BASHA — August 19, 2009 @ 3:25 am | Reply

  14. As Salaamu Alakum Brothers and Sisters in Islam: This was a very good Article and the questions were definetly on point. I myself is also looking to get married within the next year inshallah… I accepted Islam almost 3 years ago, so I still consider myself fairly new to the deen, and sometimes still struggle with minor things, because I didn’t grow up practicing the religion… Inshallah, my eman will keep increasing because its always good to know more and increase one’s knowledge in this deen. But I do have a concern, neither parents of mine are muslim, so their input really doesn’t matter. Does it or not? Ther reason I say this is because no one within the Ummah will know my parents or really know me for that matter… I do know some sisters from going to the masjid or lectures, but I don’t know alot of people. Inshallah, we all will find that special person that we can call our husband or wife….So, we can complete half our deen….May Allah Reward you for creating this website for the believers to look into for questions in regards to marriage…Ameen…

    Take Care
    As Salaamu Alakuum

    Comment by Tameeka Hutchins — October 12, 2009 @ 8:24 am | Reply

  15. As Salaamu Alakum I have some concern regarding to marriage
    1) For man it is allowed to get married if he is not financially strong have some libilites and responsiblites and wanted to settle down his self so he stay away from the sins which he dont wanted to do it.
    2) Secondly for the selection are we allowed to do very selective or choosy in our selection.
    3) for women what basic thing she has to seen in man is it important to see the compatibility what really islam say about this

    Comment by Ali — October 20, 2009 @ 9:00 am | Reply

  16. If you were doing something and you discovered that it was against the Sunna, would you change?

    Comment by aqeela — November 2, 2009 @ 8:22 am | Reply

  17. hehehehhee,
    guess what, i was searching in google for “islamic questions on marriage” you are the 5th result. i opened it and bam, after reading the first sentence “my brain is functions at 50%” i said” that is was zaid used to say. hehehe, i hope you see this comment. actually i was thinking about marriage and about my days in undergrad and what u used to say about marriage. I recall you used to say u r ready to get married then, now, i am your age then, but still i don’t see myself ready, there was an incident made me think about this more seriously, i will tell you later.

    Yalla salam

    Comment by Saad — January 3, 2010 @ 2:00 am | Reply

  18. women dress code ın islam and divorced women statüs

    Comment by ROSİE — April 19, 2010 @ 1:25 pm | Reply

  19. Assalaamualaikum,

    Dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam, I am 23 years of age, when we were growing up our Deen wasnt as important as I am making it now, I had a baby out of wedlock by the age of 20 but his father did not want to marry at the time & after a year i decided to leave him with the intention of finding a good muslim who will accept me & my son. I have had a few proposals but none who were genuine muslim men, i would like your advice as to how to go about choosing the right partner in my situation, i would really like to continue living my life according to the Deen.

    Thank you for this website.

    Comment by Shouwneez — April 21, 2010 @ 9:16 am | Reply

  20. assalammualaikum
    I am very very happy to your log.
    But I have one question about marriage in Islam. That is the case of age. For instance, if the woman exceeds the man (for example by 2 years),is it have its own impact on marriage?
    Thank you?

    Comment by Abdulhamid — September 28, 2010 @ 6:58 am | Reply

  21. Assalaamu Allaikum! All muslims should know that marriage is part of the Deen(Islam) and we should do so if we can. Hadith (1)Anas related that The prophet(SAW) said, Anyond whom Allah provides with a virtuous wife has been help to half his Deen. So he should fear Allah regarding the other half. May Allah give us virtuous Wifes n Husbands, May He give us the means to marry n prevent us us from Zina. May He increase us in faith n Knowledge.

    Comment by Fuseini Sham-una — October 18, 2010 @ 5:53 pm | Reply

    • Wa alaikom assalam wa rahmatu Allah, Ameen

      Comment by WhyIslam — November 6, 2010 @ 4:15 am | Reply

  22. Assalaamu Allaikum!!!!hows everyone doing?well i’m somia i got marriage with my cousin 1 n half month ago ,but he doesn’t love me n he love sumone else n also he love his sister brother pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me some way that my hasband full in love with me n understand my all problem, n listen to me ………….

    Comment by somia sohail — May 14, 2011 @ 1:14 am | Reply

  23. The Big Issues:

    (1) What makes him angry and how does he deal with his anger?

    Does he blame everybody but himself?

    Does he stop talking to the person involved?

    Does he bear grudges (“I’ll get him back one day!”)

    Has he ever physically or mentally abused anyone with whom he was angry?

    Does he get angry when those who may be wiser disagree or suggest an alternative point of view?

    Does he ever forgive those with whom he was angry?

    (2) How does he behave during a crisis?

    Does he blame everyone except himself?

    Does he become hostile towards an uninvolved member of an ethnic group which is known to abuse followers of Islam?

    What steps does he take to face and deal with pressure?

    Does he remain optimistic that things will get better, and that after every difficulty comes ease?

    (3) How does he feel about women’s rights in a Muslim home?

    Did he ever observe abuse from his father towards his mother?

    Did he ever act to prevent abuse at home? How?

    Did he believe that his father was always right?

    Does he believe that all women deserve abuse?

    How does he make decisions? Does he rely on his own wisdom? Does he consult with close friends?

    Will he be willing to consult with his spouse on any decision?

    Does he stick firmly to his decisions?

    (4) How does he deal with money matters?

    Does he save his money for the future?

    Does he give money to charities?

    When he decides to buy something, will he consult his spouse in making the decision?

    How does he describe his own spending and attitude towards money?

    (5) What does he expect from his wife and children?

    How would he react if his expectations are not met?

    What is his vision of family life?

    Would he pitch in and co-operate in family chores and the upbringing of children?

    Would he be willing to change to accommodate your views?

    (6) What are his family like?

    Are his family religious, or will you be the only one in hijab?

    Does their approach to Islam differ from yours – will you be the only “fundamentalists” in a family whose Islam is more “traditional”?

    If this is a mixed match, are his folks open to outsiders, or will you face clannishness and exclusion?

    (7) What is his medical background?

    (Many Imams in the US are now refusing to conduct Nikah until they see proof that the couple have undergone blood tests and been given a clean bill of health)

    Has he ever had an AIDS test, and what was the result?

    Is there any history of major illness in his family?

    (8) What are his views on education of women and children?

    Will he allow you to continue and/or return to education?

    What are his views on education and schooling of children? If you have strong views on Islamic schools, home schooling, etc., find out if his views coincide with yours.

    Will he take part in the children’s upbringing and education? Will he teach them Qur’an?

    (9) Where does he want to live?

    Does he want to settle in the country where you now live?

    Does he want to return to his homeland? Does he want to move to a new country altogether?

    Will the family have to move frequently because of his profession?

    Will he take your feelings into account when deciding where to live?

    Does he aspire to a large and luxurious home, or will he settle for less? Does he want to live in the heart of the city, in the suburbs, or in an isolated rural setting?

    Day-to-day matters

    Some of these are individual preferences – what may deeply concern some may not even be an issue to others, but if you have some strong feelings on a matter, it is better to get it out into the open before you make a commitment:

    (1) Food:

    Do you agree on the “halal meat” issue – some people will only eat halal-slaughtered meat, whilst others will eat any “meat of the Jews and Christians” as long as it’s not pork.

    Does he insist on only eating the food of his own ethnic group, or are his tastes more eclectic?

    Will he insist on having every meal cooked from scratch, or will you be able to have convenience food or take-away on busy days?

    Does he have some strong preferences for meat, or will you “go vegetarian” some days?

    (2) Smoking:

    Does he smoke? Do any of his family or friends smoke? Will he let people smoke in your non-smoking home?

    (3) Going Out:

    How does he feel about women going outside the home? studying outside? working outside?

    Will he want to “check out” your friends and only let you visit those of whom he approves?

    How does he feel about women driving?

    (4) Pets:

    Are either of you very keen to keep pets at home?

    Do either of you have any allergies, dislikes, or phobias when it comes to animals?

    Comment by Ambrin — May 29, 2011 @ 7:48 am | Reply

    1. What is your concept of marriage?

    2. Have you been married before?

    3. Are you married now?

    4. What are your expectations of marriage?

    5. Why have you chosen me/other person as a potential spouse?

    6. What are your goals in life? (long and short term)

    7. Identify three things that you want to accomplish in the near future.

    8. Identify three things that you want to accomplish, long term.

    9. What is the role of religion in your life now?

    10. Are you a spiritual person?

    11. What is your understanding of an Islamic marriage?

    12. What are you expecting of your spouse, religiously?

    13. What is your relationship between you and the Muslim community in your area?

    14. Are you volunteering in any Islamic activities?

    15. What can you offer your spouse spiritually?

    16. What is the role of the husband?

    17. What is the role of the wife?

    18. Do you want to practice polygamy?

    19. What is your relationship with your family?

    20. What do you expect your relationship with the family of your spouse to be?

    21. What do you expect your spouses relationship with your family to be?

    22. Is there anyone in your family living with you now?

    23. Are you planning to have anyone in your family live with you in the future?

    24. If, for any reason, my relationship with your family turns sour, what should be done?

    25. Who are your friends? (Identify at least three.)

    26. How did you get to know them?

    27. Why are they your friends?

    28. What do you like most about them?

    29. What will your relationship with them after marriage be?

    30. Do you have friends of the opposite sex?

    31. What is the level of your relationship with them now?

    32. What will be the level of your relationship with them after marriage?

    33. What type of relationship do you want your spouse to have with your friends?

    34. What are the things that you do in your free time?

    35. Do you love to have guests in your home for entertainment?

    36. What are you expecting from your spouse when your friends come to the house?

    37. What is your opinion of speaking other languages in home that I do not understand? (with friends or family)

    38. Do you travel?

    39. How do you spend your vacations?

    40. How do you think your spouse should spend vacations?

    41. Do you read?

    42. What do you read?

    43. After marriage, do you think that you are one to express romantic feelings verbally?

    44. After marriage, do you think that you want to express affection in public?

    45. How do you express your admiration for someone that you know now?

    46. How do you express your feelings to someone who has done a favour for you?

    47. Do you like to write your feelings?

    48. If you wronged someone, how do you apologize?

    49. If someone has wronged you, how do you want she/he to apologize to you?

    50. How much time passes before you can forgive someone?

    51. How do you make important and less important decisions in your life?

    52. Do you use foul language at home? In public? With family?

    53. Do your friends use foul language?

    54. Does your family use foul language?

    55. How do you express anger?

    56. How do you expect your spouse to express anger?

    57. What do you do when you are angry?

    58. When do you think it is appropriate to initiate mediation in marriage?

    59. When there is a dispute in your marriage, religious or otherwise, how should the
    conflict get resolved?

    60. Define mental, verbal, emotional and physical abuse.

    61. What would you do if you felt that you had been abused?

    62. Who would you call for assistance if you were being abused?

    63. Do you suffer from any chronic disease or condition?

    64. Are you willing to take a physical exam by a physician before marriage?

    65. What is your understanding of proper health and nutrition?

    66. How do you support your own health and nutrition?

    67. What is you definition of wealth?

    68. How do you spend money?

    69. How do you save money?

    70. How do you think that your use of money will change after marriage?

    71. Do you have any debts now? If so, how are you making progress to eliminate them?

    72. Do you use credit cards?

    73. Do you support the idea of taking loans to buy a new home?

    74. What are you expecting from your spouse financially?

    75. What is your financial responsibility in the marriage?

    76. Do you support the idea of a working wife?

    77. If so, how do you think a dual-income family should manage funds?

    78. Do you currently use a budget to manage your finances?

    79. Who are the people to whom you are financially responsible?

    80. Do you support the idea of utilizing baby sitters and/or maids?

    81. Do you want to have children? If not, why?

    82. To the best of your understanding, are you able to have children?

    83. Do you want to have children in the first two years of marriage? If not, when?

    84. Do you believe in abortion?

    85. Do you have children now?

    86. What is your relationship with your children now?

    87. What is your relationship with their other parent?

    88. What relationship do you expect your spouse to have with your children and their parent?

    89. What is the best method(s) of raising children?

    90. What is the best method(s) of disciplining children?

    91. How were you raised?

    92. How were you disciplined?

    93. Do you believe in spanking children? Under what circumstances?

    94. Do you believe in public school for your children?

    95. Do you believe in Islamic school for your children?

    96. Do you believe in home schooling for your children?

    97. What type of relationship should your children have with non-Muslim classmates/friends?

    98. Would you send your children to visit their extended family if they lived in another state or country?

    99. What type of relationship do you want your children to have with all their grandparents?

    100. If there are members of my family that are not Muslim, that are of different race or culture, what type of relationship do you want to have with them?

    Comment by Ambrin — May 29, 2011 @ 7:49 am | Reply

    • JazakAllah khairan Ambrin, the name which is difficult to forget, any way, thank you so much for sharing the questions.

      Comment by Sameeulla — June 30, 2015 @ 9:31 am | Reply

  25. JazakAllah’ve pretty much summed it all up there!

    Comment by Naila — June 28, 2011 @ 10:47 am | Reply

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