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August 30, 2007

What If….? (1)

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What if you and I are standing in a field…. What if the sky opens up and a voice talks to you? What if this voice was God?

What if the voice orders you to pray 5 times a day? Would you…

What if the voice orders you to go to pilgrimage once in a lifetime if you are capable? Would you…

What if the voice orders you to….? Would you…

A lot of people need the above proof to contemplate the idea of God. They need the sky to open up and a voice to show up and tells them… this is God. Would they then believe? Would that be sufficient as a proof? I think it would be a proof momentarily until this person forgets or dies and his story becomes, if anything, a myth. But would each person on this earth require the sky to open up to believe in God? A long living proof would be to have signs in the universe for us to witness and testify to the creator.

Would you obey the voice of God? I know I would. This is an argument used to answer non-Muslims when they ask about women wearing head-covers or praying five times a day. Muslims approach these subjects in a different way; they say: God, we hear and we obey. But they only say it once they know for a fact that it is God.

Upon asking them this question: what if….?, suddenly we shift the cloud of questions from asking about details to asking about the source and the principle. So what is the principle of Islam?

The main principle of Islam is: There is no diety worthy of worship except for the only God and Mohammed is his messenger. There is one and only God who is the creator of the heavens and the earth and everything in between.

The main source of Islam is: The Quran (a book unchanged since it was revealed to prophet Muhammed) and The Sunnah (traditions of the prophet narrated through the strongest narration chains).

I will discuss these points throughly in the near future.

For now, when someone attacks a small detail (which he does not comprehend), ask him the: what if…? question.

Tell him, let us talk about Allah.

(to be continued)
God is wise so we trust the wisdom behind what is said, even if we did not understand it.



  1. salaamu alaikum. your comment on my blog caused me to visit your site since i have not visited in a while. Jazakullah Khair. this article actually got me think a little bit about the subject matter. the miracle of the Quran stands as proof that Allah speaks to at yet we still ignore these commands because the reality has not sunk into our hearts. may
    Allah bring the reality of these commands into our lives … ameen.

    Comment by salim — September 4, 2007 @ 9:55 pm | Reply

  2. […] I started thinking of a book I was browsing yesterday and to some posts I posted on this blog here,  here and here. Maybe take a verse from the Quran and discuss it. I would probably start with […]

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