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October 19, 2008

Sunday School Lesson Plan 4: Know your God

This is part of the Sunday School Teaching and Learning series

Date: 10/19/2008, 20/Shawwal/1429

– develop understaning of Allah’s names
– develop understanding of Allah’s names: most merciful (rahman raheem)
– develop understanding of Allah’s names: most near and loving (wadud)
– develop understanding of Allah’s names: most generous (kareem)
– develop understanding of Allah’s names: provider (razzaq)

– show that Allah has identified himself to us
– there is nothing like Allah
– relate these attributes to our lives and to the real world

Expected results:
– know 5 names of Allah and feel them in their lives
– be able to identify with Allah through his attrbites

Class planning:
– 2 minutes: attendance
– 3 minutes: homework: collect homework and promise prize next week
– 1 minute: remind them about Ramadan
– 5 minutes: review last week: ‘asking Allah for forgiveness’
– 1 minute: do istighfaar (go around the class)
– 5 minutes: Introduction to today’s lesson
– what will we do today? we will know Allah (subhanaho wa taala)
– who is your God? Allah. Who is Allah? God. But who is your God? etc….
– Allah is nothing like us
– 10 minutes: Allah is the rahman the raheem
– first verse in the Quran:
– Allah created mercy and put it amongst his creatures
– scariest animals are so merciful to their kids (example)
(eagles: 35 days, male and female keep them warm
8-14 weeks they feed them)
– Hadeeth: Allah is more merciful than this women with her baby
– Allah is pleased with those who are merciful
– be merciful to his creatures abd Allah will be merciful to you
– 5 minutes: Allah is the wadud
– He is the most near and most loving
– Allah loves us and He gives us bounties
– feel afraid: know that Allah is near
– hadeeth: bism Allah alladhee la yadorree ma3 esmeh shai2…
– 10 minutes: Allah is the most generous
– we cannot count Allah’s favors
– sight, hearing, etc…
– (try to count them and see how many we get)
– we think, we communicate…
– greatest ne3mah is that we know Allah (on the day of judgement)
– 10 minutes: Allah is the razzaq
– What is the forest? All kinds of animals! who provides for those animals?
– Squirrel: nuts or fruits… his rezq comes to him!
– Allah provides food and other needs
– 2 minutes: Does Allah need anything from us? NO.. but for our own benefit.. worship him alone, identify himself to us
(example: do not jump from the top of the building or do not kill yourself)
In the prayer, we say: eyyaka naabodo wa eyyaka nasta3eeen…
– 1 minute: There is nothing like Allah (anything you can imagine, Allah is different)
– 2 minutes: revision of today’s lesson
– encourage students to tell their parents what they are taught?
– 5 minutes: questions


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