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August 5, 2007

Tancredo: Threaten to Bomb Muslim Holy Sites in Retaliation

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As I read this article here, I did a little bit of reading and added my own to the objective discussion of the Senator’s speech.

1. Politically speaking, Saudi Arabia is an ally of the United States which provides the US with unlimited oil supplies and military support. This guy needs to lookup the word ‘ally’. Saudi Arabia is the largest ally in the occupation of Iraq by the US. What more!

2. Generalizations are a product of ignorance. An ignorant person is the first to jump to generalizations. A generalization that overlooks that Islam is the second largest religion in the world with about 1.4 billion Muslims. A generalization that overlooks more than 6 million Muslims in the US. A generalization that more than 1 billion Muslims would be quiet and that few bad apples would be deterred!!

3. This would definitely increase violence against the US regionally and nationally. Has it not been revealed that the occupation of Iraq has increased those who hate the US. Has it not been revealed that the occupation of Iraq has increased the so called ‘terrorism’. Better yet than a few people with bombs having 1.4 billion Muslims with nothing to lose.

4. The senator is the true terrorist who only understands violence and fear. If the neighbors kids are throwing stones at your house, then go and blow up their parents house. Arrogance is the fuel for the self inflicted terrorism when you do not see other people as people but as servants to your ideology.

5. If anything, the senator should establish a new hate group or join the KKK. A hate group against Muslims worldwide and those who are living peacefully everywhere.

6. What a great idea to turn moderate Muslims against the US everywhere both nationally and internationally.

7. Analogically speaking, he’s ignorantly incorrect. That is like saying that the strike on the Twin Towers would ‘deter’ the US from further activity in the Middle East.

8. I think that the problem of the American public is not knowing what is really happening. They think that there are people strapping themselves with bombs and blowing it up. What they do not know that the US have killed their fathers, destroyed their homes and took away their property and made them live in fear before they did that.

How else can you explain going into Iraq and occupying it!!! How else can you explain the civilians dying everyday in Afghanistan? How else can you explain the people and kids dying in Palestine either being shot or kept away from water and supplies? How else can you explain the destruction of Lebanon while the world kept watching? How? How? The real problem is not understanding what is going on. Let us look at the reasons and causes for this before going crazy.

9. What the senator is saying is: let us declare a holy war against 1.4 billion Muslims

10. How different is he from Hitler? Not very different

11. One thing for a fact: he does not know a thing about Islam or Muslims or politics for that matter.

12. He is really a senator!!!!!!!


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