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July 24, 2007

The Islamic Courts in Somalia and The Red ‘Lal’ Mosque

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The methodology of calling people to Allah is not one that can be invented. It is a methodology that was provided for us; the world have witnessed both the theory and the application of this theory come to life like a plant developing from a seed to become a full grown tree. It is impossible for us to understand the Quran except in the light of the Sunna and this was the purpose of sending the prophets and messengers.

Most of Muslims would tell you that the prophet stayed in Mecca for 13 years, he (peace be upon him) have been persecuted and oppressed and so did the Muslims of that time. He didn’t order people to fight when they were weak. Infact, throughout the life of the prophet peace be upon him, fighting was always the last resort when none are existent. So how did the prophet peace be upon him raise the weak Muslim generation to be the best of people this world has seen?

1. Calling people to Allah; worship God alone and non else and abandon everything else worshiped
2. Teaching people how to better themselves by obeying Allah; thus be more productive for their religion and the worldy life and improve their spirituality
3. Teaching the Muslims the holy Quran and the Sunna to give them knowledge on how to worship Allah
4. Teaching the Muslims how to control themselves, control their ‘animal’ self and remove the remaining stains of Jaheleyyah (dark and ignorant days before Islam)

The prophet peace be upon him have built men not castles and palaces. Islam has spread from a mosque that had sand and palm leaves as a ceiling.

Back to the topic at hand, the Islamic courts and Red Mosque have both abandoned the methodology exercised by the prophet peace be upon him. I find the two organizations very similar in that both organizations lacked the adaptability and the wisdom. The Islamic courts started as a seed out of societal necessities. The Islamic courts in Somalia were a spark in the darkness of the Somali situation. They started strong and all Muslims were rooting for them. After setting peace in most of the Somali land, they started challenging the Ethiopian government (which was largely supported by the West) and they started challenging the temporary government. The agenda started being political.

The Red ‘Lal’ Masjid have started focusing on retaliations with the government providing the government excuses to show bad propaganda about the mosque.

Is it inivitable? Just when they give us some hope….

Once the Islamic courts had most of Somalia in peace, why did they not stop the military action and focus more on people and their education?

Why did the Red Mosque not focus on retaliation with the government and focus on spreading the word of Allah?

I do not ask these questions to cause regret, I only ask them to learn as the prophet peace be upon him said that the believer would not be bit from the same hole twice.

I think the issue is that they focus on conquering land rather than conquering people and that is the problem.


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