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March 21, 2007

He’s DD, I am Deedat

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With his old and weak looking body, he looked like a man who could move mountains with his sheer well. It’s the first time that I see this informal debate and it was really enlightening. It is divided into 11 parts. If you have heard some of his previous debates, then some of the arguments might be repeated but there are some arguments that will be new.

Part 1: Curtains up… Interesting and very nice introduction
Part 2: Warming up
Part 3: Warming up
Part 4,5,6,7,8,9: Establishing the argument
Part 10: Mind blowing
Part 11: Curtains down

Some might not agree with the method of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat as there was no explicit invitation to Islam but rather exposing some the bible flaws. However, it remains a great set of lectures to hear and witness the Sheikh in action. This man does not fear anyone for the sake of Allah.

One very nice idea that he mentioned is: if you want to evaluate any religion, then evaluate the concept of God in that religion… Who is God? (parts 7,8,9)

May Allah have mercy on him and forgive his sins… aameeeen

First part is here,


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